Academic Work

My academic work focuses on designing, deploying, and evaluating systems that engage children and youth to program and learn with data. I also study learning-at-scale in informal online communities, in particular, the Scratch online community. In the past, I have designed and implemented novel tangible user interfaces, as well as novel software ecosystems for ebook-reading.

This page contains an overview of my academic work (publications and teaching). As a part of my research, I also design and build systems, which are listed in the projects section of the website. I have also published a number of technical documents as a part of my free/open source activities, they can be found in the writings section. I occasionally blog, and some of the blog posts are relevant to my research activities.


Curriculum vitæ

A full account of my academic service, awards, workshops, presentations, etc. is available in my CV.

Peer-reviewed publications

Extended Abstracts, Posters, and Workshop Papers (often lightly peer-reviewed)