Global desktop items in Nautilus

One of the items in my SoC plan is support for predefined global items on the desktop. The plan is to a implement a way for the administrator to install desktop entries (.desktop files) that are used by Nautilus on user’s desktops, in addition to what users may put in their own \~/Desktop directories. There is already a feature request for this, and yesterday, Federico helped me implement a rough proposal for the implementation. Here are the mockups for the small application that would be used (both standalone, as well as from within Sabayon) for manipulating the Desktop items.

Main WindowAdd pop

Federico tells me that KDE already has a system for defining global Desktop items - does anyone know where I can find more info on this (and figure out if we can share the same mechanism / file paths / etc) ?

In other news, after getting some very good reviews of The Namesake from my friends, (and also after coming to know that the movie moves between New York and my city) I decided to check out the trailer. To my pleasant surprise, Totem managed to handle the trailer at the Apple site absolutely smoothly. Wow! (In case anyone is wondering, I am using Feisty with CVS Gstreamer and I am on a 2 Mbps connection)

The Namesake trailer rendered by the Totem plugin