Dell delays

Dell is beginning to piss me off. I ordered the Dell XPS M1330 on the 31st of July (order number 2231338), and till date, I have not even got a estimated date of delivery, and apparently, the build has not been started yet.

Dell Delays

After placing my order, I emailed them on the 3rd of August, and a CSR called me back, promising to give me a ESD by the 6th. There was no updates on the 6th, and after not getting any response from another follow up mail that I sent, I called up their customer service department. The CSR told me that there would be a delay of around fifteen days for the build process to start. She also told me that it would take around 3/4 days to complete the build and testing processes, and then it would take upto another 10 days for the shipping, primarily because of duty and customs clearance delays at the Indian airports. The next day (or probably on the day after), another lady called up, and told me the same thing, and promised me that I would definitely get my machine by the end of August. After that, there has been complete silence from the Dell side. Right now, assuming that the build hasn’t started yet, I don’t think I’ll be getting my notebook before mid September. Moreover, to make things worse, the price of the configuration that I ordered has gone down by nearly 6000 rupees (around 150 US dollars) in the last (almost) one month.
I was thinking of cancelling my order, since the new semester has started at college and I badly need a notebook to do all my work, but people tell me that getting a refund going to be a major PITA, as I ordered via a pre-paid card. Right now I don’t know what to do. I’ll try calling up Dell India again on Monday, and I guess the only thing that I can do right now is hope that my system will go into build stage next week :-(.

[Update]:: Called up Dell today, and the CSR told me that a new batch of parts is expected at the Malaysia factory (where all Dell India notebook orders are assembled) on the 7th of September. The build process for my notebook would start only after all the parts are in place, and so it seems that I will not receive the notebook before the 20th of September. That makes it 50 days of waiting :-(. After the conversation, I sent a mail to the customer care email address, asking for an acknowledgement/confirmation on the info that I had received, but till now, I have not got any reply.

[Update 2]:: Got the following reply via email for my request for confirmation:

Dear Sir,

As confirmed by our customer care dept., we are currently facing a
worldwide shortage on some parts & hence the delivery is held up,
however our customer care will give you regular updates on the status.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


——-Original Message——-
From: Sayamindu Dasgupta [mailto:XXXXXX@XXXXXXX]
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2007 4:27 PM
To: Online India
Subject: [Order number 2231338] Request for confirmation


I called up your customer service department regarding the status of
my order (XPS M1330, order number 2231338), and I was informed that
the missing parts holding up the order would arrive on the 7th of
September at Malaysia, and hopefully after that the system will be
shipped out on the 9th and then it will probably reach my place after
7-10 days (due to customs clearance issues at Kolkata).

Could you kindly confirm this ?

My order details are as follows:

Online reference number: XXXXXXX
Order number: 2231338
Customer number: XXXXXX

Thank you,
Sayamindu Dasgupta

[Update 3]: The laptop seems to have shipped finally. The shipping date is 30th August, and initially the estimated delivery date was showing as 18th September, but from yesterday, it has been showing 7th September.

Dell Delays - finally shipped

[Update 4]: Delivered - finally the thing was delivered to my address on the 20th - a 50days wait altogether. However, build quality seems to be solid, and performance is superb.