End of Summer of Code 2007

  • Summer of Code 2007 has finally come to an end. As promised in my earlier mail to the GNOME Summer of Code mailing list, last week was spent polishing the code, writing documentation and finally, I spent this evening writing something like a report for what has been done through out the last few months.The report is at http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2007/Reports/Sayamindu. I also finally uploaded the weirdly named “Desktop Administrators’ Guide to GNOME Lockdown and Preconfiguration”. You can read it online here. I have tried to document all the lockdown options offered by GNOME applications in this document. If I missed out anything, please let me know.
    I chose not to push the patches to bugzilla atm, since feature freeze is already in effect. My plan now is to continue dogfooding the work I have done (maybe also make my mom use it :-)), and after GNOME 2.20 is released, merge the relevant branches to trunk. Also, I have plans for having a general lockdown option for Nautilus, which would make the file browser read-only, ie no modifications to the filesystem will be possible with it (essentially right click menu and some keyboard shortcuts disabled).
    The SoC has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to everyone, especially to Federico (my mentor) for all the help, encouragement and enthusiasm. The SoC (and especially attending GUADEC) made me feel that I was indeed a part of a wonderful and vibrant community, a community which that not only bound together by code and other technical stuff, but also by a number of common passions for almost everything, be it food, be it music, be it photography, be it anything.
  • Our local LUG has a new logo:
    ILUG Cal
  • Volunteers are required for a series of Install Fest at my University. If you are in Kolkata, and have some spare time on the 25th of August on on the 1st/8th of September, please contact indradg at gmail dot com.