OLPC: Call for translators

The Pootle server running at dev.laptop.org is now up and running. If you are interested in helping translate the software going to be bundled with the laptops, please do jump in :-). More information is available in the mailing list post that I made.
If you have any questions - you can take a look at the FAQ and if you still have questions, feel free to join us on #olpc-pootle on Freenode, or ask on the mailing list.
Helping setup Pootle was an interesting project for us, since this is probably the first time a Pootle deployment is talking to a GIT repository, and adding support for GIT to Pootle (and adapting it for use in our scenario) was a bit of a battle. The results of the initial “beta tests” seem to be pretty satisfactory, and the next few days will hopefully tell us how well the entire system is working.