Appendix A. Appendix A - Miscellaneous information

Table of Contents

Extracting glyphs from *.mf files
Using kerning to increase the visual appeal of the font
Non Indic glyphs in your font
Installing Fonts in different platforms
Using a template system for faster work
Legal issues with respect to fonts and glyphs

Extracting glyphs from *.mf files

Fontforge sometimes has problems opening the *mf (mf stands for Metafont) files that come with Indic language packages for TeX. There is a command line tool called mftrace, which can be downloaded from, and I usually use that to handle the *.mf files.

To use mftrace, cd into the directory which has the *.mf files and issue the command mftrace --autotrace --truetype <fontname without the mf extension> . Note that you will need to have Fontforge and Autotrace installed to use this command. If mftrace is successful - you will have a truetype file in the directory from which you can easily extract the required glyphs.