Releasing Your Font

To release your font - decide on a versioning scheme that you want to use. I personally prefer the <majorversion><minorversion><revision> versioning scheme, where really big changes (addition of GPOS tables, etc) are denoted by a bump in majorversion, not so major changes and improvements (refinement and addition of a few glyphs, etc) are accompanied by a change in minorversion, and bugfixes, documentation fixes, etc are denoted by a bump in the revision.

Make a directory (with the same name as your font), and put the following files into it:

Make a tarball of this directory in the format fontname-versionnumber.tar.gz and upload it somewhere.


If you don't have webspace for uploading, consider starting a project at Sarovar or Sourceforge.

If your font is an Open Source one (hopefully it would be!), you can now make announcements to FreshMeat and the various Indic computing related mailing lists. Also, if possible - just drop a note to the author of this document - hehe :).