This page is a list of a subset of projects that I have been involved in and contributed to in various capabilities. The oldest project in this list dates back to when I was in high-school, and hence, the range is quite broad. I should also note here that some of these projects, though listed under the “archived” category, continue to thrive under new leadership and maintainers.

Whenever possible, I have listed names of collaborators in the project pages. If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know.

My academic work (publications and teaching experience) is listed in a separate page.

Active Projects

Learning with Data Learning with Data
Scratch Data Research Scratch Data Research
Scratch Extensions Scratch Extensions
Scratch Scratch

Archived Projects

MapScratch MapScratch
Shekho Shekho (শেখো)
RopePlus RopePlus
OLPC Bookreader eBooks for the XO
Sugar learning environment in Nepali Translating the XO
Visual programming for the Arduino Visual Programming for Arduino
Shared Canvas in Sugar Collaboration Experiments
FBReader ported to Sugar Sugar Activities
Bangla in Free/Open Source Software Bangla in Free Software
Senpai remote learning tool Remote Learning Tools
Locked down GNOME file-chooser Projects with GNOME
Python modules in action Python Modules